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How are polygraphs used? Who requests them?

Polygraph examinations are used to protect the public, to verify the truth, to validate the innocent, to determine deception; and to help identify the guilty.  Polygraphs are most commonly used for criminal and civil matters, government and law enforcement pre-employment screening, homeland security, commercial theft investigations, and to monitor convicted sex offenders being supervised by probation and parole, and while under treatment.  Private parties also request polygraph examinations to help resolve personal matters, such as theft, sex crimes, domestic issues (unfaithfulness), etc.

Do you conduct Infidelity or cheating spouse tests?

We will conduct an infidelity test ONLY in conjunction with a marriage or couples counseling therapist.  The results will be given directly to the therapist.  Only the person taking the test will be admitted to our office.  Please provide us with your therapist's contact information when scheduling your exam. 

I'm being accused of sexual and/or physical abuse will you test me if I am not represented by an attorney?

No, we only test allegations of physical or sexual abuse against a person if you are represented by an attorney.  You are welcome to have your attorney contact our office to arrange the exam.  We are happy to assist through your attorney.

Who can be tested?

Virtually anyone that knows the difference between right and wrong can be administered a polygraph examination. Juvenile subjects must have parental / guardian approval.  All polygraphs are voluntary.

How accurate is the polygraph?

The American Polygraph Association (APA) believes that scientific evidence supports the high validity of polygraph examinations. The APA has a compendium of 80 research projects published since 1980 on the validity and reliability of polygraph testing. In current research conducted on the validity of field examinations, single issue accuracy rates were in the range of 92% or greater.

Research clearly indicates that when administered by a competent polygraph examiner, the polygraph test is the most accurate means available to determine truth and deception.

I’m extremely nervous about taking a polygraph, will nerves affect the outcome of my test?

No. All examinees have some type of general nervous tension. It is normal to feel nervous when going into a polygraph, especially if you have never taken one before.

Who can be present in the room during an examination?

Only the examinee and the examiner can be in the room during the examination. Additional people present during the examination will adversely affect the test. All examinations conducted by JNE Polygraph are recorded from beginning to end for internal quality control purposes only.  We do not release any audio or video recordings.

When will I know the results?

The results of the examination will be provide in the form of a written report.  The report or results will be provided to the appropriate party within a few hours after the exam.

Will I know what the questions are prior to the test?

Absolutely ! There are no surprises on a polygraph examination. Before the exam, the examiner will thoroughly explain the whole polygraph process and review the test questions with you prior to administering the examination.

What kind of questions are asked on the exam?

All test questions must be limited to "yes" or "no" answers. ALL QUESTIONS ARE REVIEWED with the examinee BEFORE the exam.  There are no surprises on a polygraph examination. Before the exam, the examiner will thoroughly explain the whole polygraph process and review the test questions with you prior to administering the examination.  The test questions must have definite objective answers and may not be opinions.

How long does the polygraph exam take?

A typical polygraph examination will include a pre-test interview phase, a chart collection phase and a test data analysis phase. The polygraph process will generally last 60 to 90 minutes from beginning to end for a private test.  Pre-employment exams take two hours.  The actual polygraph test is quick but we do not like to rush our clients.  This is an important test for you.

What about the Computerized Voice Stress Analyst test (CVSA)?

To date, the AAPP has found no scientific studies or independent research which support voice stress analysis as a method of discriminating between truth and deception. In fact, the most recent study by the Department of Defense, completed in September 1996, concluded that there was "no credible evidence to validate voice analysis as an effective instrument for determining deception.

Ultimately, every procedure and process employed by a law enforcement agency must be able to withstand the in-depth scrutiny of judicial proceedings. In making a determination of acceptability, the courts will weigh the available scientific data. “Testimonials” without the support of reliable scientific (information will not meet the standards for acceptable evidence. Polygraph is the only deception detection device which has the scientific support and has earned judicial acceptance for expert testimony.

Additional information regarding voice stress analyzers may be found at the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.